Structure of company

The Slovak company TAURIS is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of meat products and cut-out meat. The constant goal of the Slovak company TAURIS is to increase the quality of production, the professional level of employees, the working environment and the level of cooperation with our business partners. In 1996, our company was the first meat company in Slovakia to receive the Quality Management Certificate EN ISO 9002. In May 1997, the Slovak company TAURIS NITRIA was authorized to export to the European Union by the State Veterinary Administration of Bratislava, with the approval of the headquarters in Brussels under no. EN 15 export.


TAURIS, Inc. specializes in the production of small meat products, soft salamis, hams (pork and poultry), special meat products, products made from bacon and pork flank, smoked meats, cooked meat products and spreads.


Subsidiary companies


TAURIS NITRIA, Ltd., in Mojmírovce, was registered in May 1992. It focuses on the production of long-life heat-treated and non-heat-treated meat products.


The production facility Mäsospiš in Spišská Nová Ves specializes in the traditional homemade production of sausages and bacons, chilled minced meat products, frozen minced meat and production of cold cuts.


TAURIS CASSOVIA, Ltd., deals mainly with retail and wholesale activities. The company operates a branded retail network - 63 specialized sales units for meat and delicacies in Slovakia.


RYBA Košice Ltd., a leading manufacturer of cod and other fish and delicatessen products in Slovakia. The company's assortment presents two own assortment brands: "RYBA Sea of Health" - fish products and "PIKNIK" - delicatessen products.