Personnel policy

The value of human labour is important for the Slovak company Tauris. The most competitive advantage nowadays is the attitude of our own employees towards the company and their own work.

The strategic goal in personal policy on the level of an individual is created by sets of values, attitudes and behaviours with the optimal use of knowledge and skills. The strategic goal on the level of groups is created by forms of communication and management, co-operation and co-responsibility that lead to the achievement of the work results.


The Slovak company Tauris considers systematic, professional education and employee training as a permanent competitive advantage.

In regard of type of business together with demands the education is based on:

  • improving the capabilities of managing staff in leadership, using the tools of modern human resource management,
  • communication techniques, manager skills,
  • professional skills of specialists,
  • language training, European hygiene standards,
  • processing of support projects for help from EU funds and modern information systems


Employee care is included in the company's social program. Apart from the social advantages resulting from the legal measures, the company provides additional benefits from their social fund, or from the company's profits. It concerns the following areas:


  • contribution for catering in the company canteen,
  • rehabilitation (massage services),
  • provision of financial loans,
  • rewarding employees during their jubilee and retirement,
  • partial payment of travel costs,
  • compensation for accidents at work,
  • rehabilitation stays,
  • supplementary pension insurance.


  • mzdové príplatky za prácu nadčas, sviatok a sťažené pracovné prostredie,
  • vernostné odmeny,
  • vianočná odmena,
  • kultúrne a športové podujatia,
  • príplatok za nízku práceneschopnosť.
  • wage bonuses for overtime work, holidays and unfavoured work environments,
  • loyalty rewards,
  • Christmas reward,
  • cultural and sporting events,
  • bonus for low sickness absence


The final goal of implementing the Social Agenda is to gradually create maximum conditions for stimulating and stabilizing our own employees, enhancing work performance, feeling of self-success and relationship to the company.


Contact: Human Resource Department

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