History of company


Barbora Rozhanovska, the widow of Ladislav de Zechen, meets the request in the letter of butchers from Rimavská Sobota and gives them a privilege to the mill by the river Rimava. The mill became a town´s slaughterhouse for a few centuries.


The town´s slaughterhouse was replaced by a new meat company, which was incorporated as a plant in the state enterprise Stredoslovenský mäsový priemysel, Zvolen.


Slovak company TAURIS, Inc. was originated in the privatization of the state enterprise Mäsový priemysel (Meat Industry). From the meat company of regional importance employees together with company management succeeded in establishing a modern meat company. After a dynamic rise, which TAURIS, Inc. noted in years 1992 - 93, the shareholders decided to create a supra-regional holding company by a resort diversification.


The company is working on a strict Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) hygiene system, that ensures health food safety based on precautionary measures, not only for checking the final product, but throughout the whole production process.


Slovak company TAURIS, Inc. is getting a European Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2000 after an audit carried out by the renowned company Bureau Veritas Quality International. The introduction of a standard for company means the possibility to declare on its products, that it has a whole manufacturing process certified from purchasing and processing raw material, through other manufacturing operations, to the final product including expedition and sales.


Company Eco Invest is becoming an owner of the company, which also joined other meat-processing companies (Mäsospiš Ltd., Spišská Nová Ves and Fabuš Ltd., Myjava) and the group Tauris Group was established.


In 2008, the company decided to introduce a food safety system in line with the International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC), to improve product quality and safety as well as customer and consumer confidence.


Since 2009, Tauris, as the first company on the market, has started to produce gluten-free and non-allergenic meat products.


Slovak company TAURIS NITRIA Ltd., in Mojmírovce, is a subsidiary of Incorporated Company TAURIS Inc. and was registered in May 1992. It focuses on the production of long-life heat-treated and non-heat-treated meat products. In 1996, our company was the first meat company in Slovakia to receive the Quality Management Certificate EN ISO 9002. In May 1997, TAURIS NITRIA was authorized to export to the European Union by the State Veterinary Administration of Bratislava, with the approval of the Headquarters in Brussels. under no. SK 15.

Slovak company TAURIS CASSOVIA, Ltd., mainly deals with retail and wholesale activities. The company operates a branded retail network - 63 specialized sales units for meat and delicacies in Slovakia.