salami - semi-dry:

Pressburg salami


Salami is filled into a collagen pack of mahogany color with a netting imitation. It has a slightly aromatic scent, typical of used raw materials and an adequately salty taste.


Unpacked products store at 0°C to + 24°C and relative humidity max. 80%. Vacuum packed products should be stored at 0°C to + 4°C and relative humidity max. 80%.


Pork and spices

Energetic value (per 100g):

Energy: 1539 kJ /372 kcal, fats: 34.89 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 13.45g, carbohydrates: <1.00g, of which sugars: <0.20g, protein: 14.60 g, salt: 2.58 g.

Recommended use:

Sandwiches, cuts, cold platters

Packaging method
Weight (g)
Cold Cut
Protective Atmosphere
75 g
Complete Unit
Vacuum Packed
app 800 g
Complete Unit
app 800 g