gold - salami - cold cuts:

Malokarpatská ´77 salami 75 g


Malokarpatská ´77 Salami is reddish-brown on the surface, with shining grain of raw material. The aroma is pleasant, aromatic with spices and smoke. The taste is salty, on the bite the product is soft to tender. 120g of meat was used to produce 100g of Malokarpatská ´77 salami. The product is included in the TAURIS meat product portfolio under the Golden Bull brand of the highest quality products.


40 days under product storage conditions at 0°C to + 4°C. After opening, use within 48 hours.


Pork and beef, bacon, food salt, dextrose, beet sugar, spices, garlic, preservative E250, starter culture.

Energetic value (per 100g):

Nutrition data per 100g product: Energy: 2114 kJ / 512 kcal, Fat: 48.46 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 15,14 g, carbohydrate: <1.00 g, of which sugars: <0.30 g, protein: 18.90 g, salt: 3.77 g

Recommended use:

Product suitable for direct consumption, sandwiches, cuts, cold bowls.

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