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Corvin ham


CORVIN ham - a special ham we have developed to satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding gourmet meat products. The high pork content of 90% guarantees the success of every quality ham. This product is filled into a transparent plastic casing, glazed, vacuum packed, and the surface of the product smooth, cut in flesh pink color. It is characterized by a typical meat smell of ham and is reasonably salty.


90 days under product storage conditions at 0°C to + 4°C.


Pork leg min. 90%

Energetic value (per 100g):

Nutrition data per 100g product: Energy: 402 kJ / 95 kcal, Fat: 2.26 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 0.91 g, carbohydrate: <1.00 g, of which sugars: <0.20 g, protein: 18.70 g, salt: 1.98 g

Recommended use:

Product suitable for direct consumption, sandwiches, cuts, cold bowls.

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