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Beef stick grill sausage raw thin


A gourmet beef delicacy, which is ideal in size and shape for lovers of grilling or baking. The perfectly juicy taste was born from a combination of ingredients, 69% beef and 20% pork, the addition of salt and fragrant spices. To maintain the quality of the product, we pack it in a natural mutton intestine, and after a few minutes of roasting, the sausages are ideally crispy and toasted.


11 days under product storage conditions at 0°C to + 4°C.


Meat content 89%

Energetic value (per 100g):

Nutrition data per 100g product: Energy: 742 kJ / 177 kcal, Fat: 12,1 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 5,6 g, carbohydrate: ‹0,5g, of which sugars: ‹0,5g, protein: 16,7g, salt: 1,9 g

Recommended use:

Product stuffed in ram intestine. The product must be thoroughly treated before consumption.

Packaging method
Weight (g)
Family Pack
Protective atmosphere
app 500